PandaCubz Minting Guide


We will be minting the PandaCubz in three steps in order to best fulfill our promise to our community, establish a fund for utility and Uppeee coin development as well as protect the value of the PandaCubz collection.

The stages are:
1. PandaCubz Golden Ticket NFT mint* for those eligible for free mints #cubz-eligibilty
2. Public Mint* for our general community
3. Golden Ticket holders PandaCubz mint*.

Public Mint of PandaCubz – JUNE 14TH 2022 – 16:00 BST – 15:00 UTC

The total number of Cubz available in the collection will be 8400 – thus a minimum of 4200 Cubz will be available for the public mint and possibly more if not all Golden Tickets were minted.


Q: Where can I mint from?
A: You can mint right from

Q: What if it says connect my wallet or cannot mint?
A: Make sure your on ETH mainnet, make sure you connected your wallet. If on mobile do it inside of MetaMask browser.

Q: Why is my wallet showing over $4,000 in gas?
A: This is a common MetaMask glitch that means 2 issues:
1.) You do not have enough ETH in your wallet to cover 0.088 ETH + max gas suggested by MetaMask (Although it won’t charge you this)
2.) You need to change gas from high -> medium suggested

Q: Why can I not mint or get MetaMask pulled up after clicking the Mint button?
A: Ensure that you are on the ETH Mainnet and not some other network in your MetaMask wallet, as we are an ETH based project and must be on the ETH mainnet to mint.

Q: I can’t access the mint site or the main website?
A: If you are on mobile, try desktop. If that doesn’t work, then it may be related to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) blocking .io websites. Please connect to your phone’s hotspot (or other networks) and then try again.

Q: Where can I find the official OpenSea and contract address?

Q: I minted and I don’t see my NFTs right away?
A: When you mint, it takes 3-5 minutes for your NFT to show up on OpenSea due to OpenSea not being updated in real time. Rest assured, if you minted and it’s on the Blockchain; the Blockchain never lies. Just have patience, it’ll show up.

Q: Wen Reveal?!?!
A: JUNE 2022

Q: The reveal has happened. But my NFT has not been revealed?
A: You need to log into OpenSea, click on your NFT and hit the “refresh MetaData.” Once complete, it should be revealed shortly after.

Q: How do we check the rarity?
A: Rarity will be published on

If I have issues minting, where do I go for help?
A: #open-ticket on Discord.

The mint will start at 0.08ETH and increase by 0.005ETH for each 1000 cubz minted

   1 –  999 : 0.080 ETH

1000 – 1999 : 0.085 ETH

2000 – 2999 : 0.090 ETH

3000 – 3999 : 0.095 ETH

4000 –  MAX : 0.100 ETH

During the public mint,
**we will have bounties in place at random intervals with increasing amounts of ETH as prizes.**
We will announce bounties and winners on our Discord.

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